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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  June 18, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the fed has created nervesness, uncertainty. i still do not believe the two percent in the ten year sends money out of stocks and into bods especially as we see evidence of investors taking money out of bond funds. you'll see ben bernanke live tomorrow. we'll be here to break it all down for you. that will do it for tonight. thanks for being with me. i'll see you tomorrow. here's fast money right now. >> live from the nasdaq markets in new york city i'm melissa lee with your traders today. let's get straight to the big story. in bernanke we trust. stocks rallying in anticipation
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of the big announcement. how are you setting up for the talk tomorrow? >> listen, i think the market has done everything it needed to do technically. i don't think there's going to be any taper talk at all. they have come this far. why would they back off now. we make a push up to the 1687 levels. the banks have lagged since this taper talk has come not for ray. the banks catch up. that's your trade for tomorrow. >> no taper talk? some reporter is going to ask bernanke about tapering. >> it's not going to come from this guy. i'll use the word abatement. for me when i look at it i say we've got the idea that they're going to stop buying the bonds at some point in time. whether or not they do it tomorrow or hint at it then the speculation is when are they going to do it. to me it's a dollar positive story, this whole thing,
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particularly what's going on with the emerging markets. >> if you believe the fed whisperer as he's known on this show then you might believe that they will in fact lower the growth expectations and therefore perhaps tapering or abate many times, however you want to call it may be further down the line. >> i think that the word taper is the 2013 grexic, remember that word last year? >> that's why you had that look on your face last year. >> many of us on the show said that that would not happen. now we're taking about taper all day long. that is the grexic word for 2013. i don't think them tapering any time soon because of the low growth and the need particularly if we have a new fed chairman coming in you need to set this up nicely and i don't see that
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happening. >> i would agree and i would make one point. what is the fed's next hurdle? the next hurdle is dealing with lower than expected growth. this is what was said on this show two weeks ago. look at what's going on around the world right now. it's pretty much a disaster. in brazil they made a four year low. china broke a key support level. to me how i want to trade this, i actually think the u.s. dmesic stocks get bid again. i want u.s. multi-nationals with a lot of dependent on u.s. growth. >> the fed has been five years at this game here, let's call it four years at this game, at some point we have to say maybe it's not working. i don't really see how stocks go too much higher if we say we're going to continue on this
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program. >> last thursday we talked about the move. beakers was here. i thought we had another 25 to 30 s&p to the upside. it closed that day 1640. friday was an outliar. made it up yesterday. here we are today and i think we're going to get to the rest of those points. >> options premiums are higher now than they had been for a long time. everybody thought that whatever was coming was going to come some time in the future. suddenly options premiums are a little higher because people think tomorrow could be a market catalyst. i'm interested in fading that. i had like to maintain a bullish stance. i don't think we're going to hear any formative in terms of changes tomorrow. >> mike, is that a flack jacket in case that's tapering? i'm just wondering. >> i took so much heat for
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wearing my vest last time. >> and you got a little bit more, didn't you. >> he could be on the fast money website if the fed moves. >> let's move on. could the fed taper games actually begin. what do we expect? >> i think it will be september? >> september? >> i think it will be september. if you read the fed speak, they really initiated this program in a situation where unemployment rate was significantly higher. they want to start scaling this program back. i think we just need a moderate pick-up in the data. that will be enough for them to go in september. >> now there's this talk that bernanke is getting moved out. how can he get moved out if this taper is going to start in september? how could a new person walk into this job and walk into having to be on the taper end of something that's unprecedented? the biggest prop tad in history and they're going to allow somebody new to come in and
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unwind this thing? >> it's not going to be an easy job regardless of how they hand it over. i think those two things are separate. they're going to have to do the right thing on the qe tapering. they're going to do the right thing on when the rate hike is going to happen and find the right chairman in the meantime. >> we were talking at the desk about how the fed is not going to want to unwind anything they have done over the last four years. how do we get to your point that they're going to start tapering. and wouldn't that unwind? >> i think we have had a dramatic pick-up in volatility. it's hard for them to go back and forth. the genie is out of the bottle here. they have to stick with it and they want to stick with it because they thought they did a bit too much. the low rates is the most important thing for them now. obviously they're going to watch the volatility and if it goes crazy they're going to scale it back. >> you're saying the fed is going to react to the markets
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move? because the articles are putting out the notion that tapering is going to happen this year the fed is going to react? >> i think financial conditions are going to be so tight we're going to react but i don't think they're there. >> can't that happen? we just saw the yield go from 1-6 to 2-2 like that. we haven't seen volatility as far as the equity market here is concerned. we've seen it in asia. the fear to me is that you have an s&p 500 assist a safety trade the world over. it's a crowded trade and all of a sudden if yields start doing what they don't want them to do just by fed speak we could have a serious volatility situation here in the u.s.? >> i think the very important thing about these market moves
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we have had in the last couple of weeks was it was a huge surprise. it was a big surprise. from now on what the fed says tomorrow i don't think is actually going to change a huge amount. >> i take issue with that. it wasn't a huge surprise. the vix was trading at 13 flat line. people were hedged up. that's why you never saw a 20 print in the vix. people were prepared for this thing. i think we could have massive volatility coming this summer. >> volatility was at a record low p and now it's spiked dramatically. >> i have to agree with him. because a lot of people were saying that the tapering talk wasn't going to hurt the market. if you are in the credit space you know -- >> i started my conversation by saying we had the ten year go to 225. that's significant. >> i have another quick question. $100 billion in interest payments for the federal
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government. if you have $340 billion that's half of the defense budget of the united states. do you think the current chairman recognizing that is going to keep this thing down for those reasons? >> there's a lot of reasons that feeds in this issue. they look at it from a holistic perspective. i don't think it's the main thing. they look at the key parameters for the economy. it's the unemployment rate, the growth rate and the inflation rate. those are the main things that is going to dictate the timing. >> if you believe tapering is going to begin in september, i would imagine the fed would have to warn the markets or elude to the fact tomorrow. what's going to be the market reaction? >> i think we have had most of the reaction? >> you think no reaction whatsoever as the fed mark the
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>> time for our top three trades up today. first up activism alive in well in shares of sony. raising to 6.3%. asking for the chance for a spin off. >> here's one where dan lobe has been on fire. here's a situation though, this one is in japan. u.s. activists have not had a heck of a lot of success. this stock is up 90%
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year-to-date. you probably want to hold out. i would buy below 19. you don't want to buy near multi-year high. >> what's your best way to play volatility. goldman sachs saying traders are in best position to profit. beakers, you buy that? >> volatility is a double edged sword. goldman sachs can take advantage of that. there's a lot of trading going on, a lot of people getting in and out. the problem is if that volatility continues it starts to reduce the issuance of corporate debt and we're starting to see that. you probably get a pop up to 180 or so and then i would take some off the table. >> you said banks, does goldman sachs fall into that category is this. >> it's a bank. let me tell you something. i love the people there. i love gary and the whole place.
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i think the stock has treaded water for the last week, week and a half. it should make a push towards 168. i like it. >> lastly starbucks leading off once again, shares of the coffee giant hitting an all time high in today's session. mike? >> we were talking relative to names like duncan. let's bear in mind this company is the second largest publicly traded company in the country. it's worth $50 billion, half the size of mcdonald's. i wonder how much longer growth can keep up. i still like the stock but i'd wait for a pull back before i would add. >> top angle investors came together to discuss early investing. where does hot tech start up lie? >> fear and resentment of ipo. many say last year's facebook
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offering is to blame. some tech investors and companies feel that the traditional offering mechanism is essentially broken. they say the process of going public is getting harder. it takes an average of nine years for a tech company to be ready for an ipo. 100 million in revenue is essentially required to get there. 3,000 companies that get capital p funding each year, only 150 go public. once you are public it's not easy either. some of these investors have argued you have the expense and administrative responsibilities and oftentimes shares are ail indicated to hedge funds who flip them immediately. the fantasticalness is a grip and it's unclear whether new retail investors as a result of the jobs act is going to help or not. >> you see a lot of these startups out there finding a
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buyer. yahoo! has picked up a lot of companies along the way. >> you're right about that. that was something i heard a lot about today as well. takeovers are increasingly seen as attractive. for startups it can be more painless and tech companies who are fighting to stay relevant. one example that came up is yahoo!. it's shares are on a tear in part because of their buying spree. they have bought a bunch of others including tumbler and snip it. they probably won't all be winners but they're seen as efforts to keep the company growing. for that they're getting a premium. >> a little whining going on on the way to the champagne, though? i mean, these guys all are measuring each other against themselves. don't they want to all go public
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in that big fat ipo premium? >> yes and no. i felt like i was in a deep part of the water that i don't normally explore. >> the guy adami part of the water. >> right on. >> merky. >> these folks are in the business of helping startup companies and of course there are thousands. they do have invest dollars. a lot of these companies are stafrd for capital and it's hard to get capital. angel portion is small. people think there should be a middle class between bc and ipo. >> back to yahoo!. the buying spree they bought a kid's company for $30 million that has no revenue. we had groupon, zing oh,
5:20 pm
facebook and now are we going to see this thing crash. these have the makings of that. >> a lot of platforms are waiting to sf this public that they expect to see. there was a bit of a consensus to the. the first version of crowd funding whatever it is is definitely going to fail. is there an appeal for the average mom and pop. they probably shouldn't buy facebook according to some of these people or similarly known public names. there are investors who aren't in the early stage or private capital investing business and they may want to get into this mass affluent consumer, maybe some group that they can get in touch with. there could be opportunities there. >> yahoo! had a nice pull back.
5:21 pm
didn't have a decent day. it was up small today but this is a stock that continues to want to trade higher. i hear what you are saying loud and clear but until further notice, long yahoo! >> time for pops and drops, the biggest movers of the day. walter energy. >> i heard chatter about somebody finally looking to acquire these guys. i think walter put in a short term bottom. i like it here. >> a drop for hormel. beakers. >> they tried with skippy peanut butter and peanut butter and spam do not mix. they had poor pricing going forward. they said sales are going to be less than expected.
5:22 pm
stay away from meat space. >> intell, a pop. >> the move is in line with the market but this is a great long term stock. it's trading at 13 multiple. has a 3.6% dividend yield. this is something you should be a part of. >> tesla up 1%. >> everything out of their mouth sends the stock's higher. it closed up 1%. they're holding a press conference on the 20th. they're going to introduce a battery swap plan. buy it. >> pop for expedia, up 2%. mike? >> the company was holding their annual shareholder meeting. if you want to figure out the story, look at june 5 when they were at the global technology conference. this is a company growing their top line 15 to 20%. probably trade a little less than 20 times that are estimated earns and only doing about three percent of the global booking industry. they still have some room to
5:23 pm
grow. >> pop here for fish prices. sushi fans be aware that a roll of raw fish might just fry your wallet. global fish prices are swimming to record highs. what's tipping the scales? experts say china's growing appetite for high end seafood is bloating demand. >> i don't even want to go near this story. we have to protect our fisheries. >> we should scale back on fishing? >> potentially, yes. it's really bad. sword fishing, 30, 40 years ago you were catch region 100 pound fish regularly. now they're 20 pounds. that's not right. i wasn't talking about salmon. i was talking sword fish. >> fedex, what about the weakness in emerging markets, bk
5:24 pm
is sticking with his bear stance. it's a street fight next. above and beyond the taper talk and the replacement of ben bernanke is a fed guessing game. coming your way later on. let's get the ball rolling. in parks across the country, families are coming together to play, stay active, and enjoy the outdoors. and for the last four summers, coca-cola has asked america to choose its favorite park through our coca-cola parks contest.
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striving to bring insight to every investment, and integrity to every plan. we are morgan stanley. and we're ready to work for you. >> fed ekds reporting fourth quarter earnings before the bell tomorrow. the stock is up 9% so far in 2013. is the too extensive to get in right now. time for a street fight. 90 seconds to make both cases. >> like anthony scaramucci's
5:28 pm
mets, i'm due. >> you want sympathy now? >> i'm not whining. i think they are poised to recover this quarter. fedex ground is going to surprise some people and they have something called smart post which is a hybrid delivery system that i think will surprise. people are underestimating they retired their entire 727 fleet. it should lead to greater efficiencies and greater margins and that's all well for this quarter. the stock hasn't performed since last quarter. this thing should be up three and a half, 4%. >> the reason why it hasn't performed it's not necessarily about the margins here. you can cut as much as -- you can only go so far in your cuts and get so many new planes. what the problem here is the
5:29 pm
emerging markets. revenue outside the u.s. has grown from about 24% to up to 30%. u.s. business has stag nated. 70% of their revenues. now they have emerging markets some of them im ploeding. brazil is im ploeding. you look at those. look at where the growth is in fedex. i don't see it anymore. i just don't see it. stock is up 9%. take it, take it and use that money to send guy a present. >> at a certain point it becomes a valuation. i hate that buzzer. compared to ups it's a lot cheaper. >> who cares? >> hello, did you not hear the buzzer? thank you. >> tweet us who won the street fight hashtag bull or bear. let's see who the options traders think won the fight. mike, your thoughts on fedex. >> the options markets are
5:30 pm
battling it out as hard as these two are. usually it moves 3 and a half percent earnings. the options market suggesting it could move as much as 4 and a half percent. the but the bulls did win out at the end of the day in the most active with the weekly 105 calls people were paying about 50 cents to the upside that a lot of the bad news may already be baked in the cake especially after last quarter's disappointing results. >> does that mean he agrees with me? >> that means the options market agrees. >> i want to hear you say i agree with guy. >> i'm surprised that you were a bull on fedex. >> hopefully we had some footage that would be great. >> look at that. manly man. >> oh, yeah, man.
5:31 pm
who doesn't heart that. that's funny. >> more options every friday 5:30 p.m. coming up ben bernanke's job may soon be up for grabs. find out who larry meyer thinks might take the hem and the top headline sure to make the market ahead of the open. back in two. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] time and sales data. split-second stats. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ it's so close to the options floor... [ indistinct shouting, bell dinging ]'ll bust your brain box. ♪ all on thinkorswim from td ameritrade. ♪ to accept less and less
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welcome back to fast money. we are live at the nasdaq market sight in new york's times square. ben bernanke's job up for grabs. president obama discussing it last night on charlie rose. >> ben bernanke has done an outstanding job. he's a little bit like bob muller, the head of the fbi where he's already stayed a lot longer than he wanted or he was supposed to. >> who could fill bernanke's shoes. names tossed around include former treasury sect larry summers, roger ferguson, allen
5:35 pm
kruger and the counsel's former chairman, christina roamer. one of our favorite games around here, larry meyer is here to play. >> you know all of these people. who do you think is going to succeed ben bernanke? >> i think the first thing i want to say is this is really remarkable. i almost fell off my chair when i heard the president's remarks last night. he essentially fired ben bernanke on the spot and gave a testimony afterwards. it's time to focus on who the next chairman might be. i do think that gellen is the most likely. that reflects two things in particular. she has extraordinary credentials. she was a governor on the board, chairman of the counsel, president of the san francisco said and now vice chair. the second is that while a vice
5:36 pm
chair has never been elevated to be chairman it's never been more important to have continuity, someone who was here during this period of noncon investigational policy, been there during this period when exit strategy is put in place. the next chairman will have a very challenging situation. so for all those reasons, i think it's going to be janet. >> i want to go back to your first statement because it might be construed as incendiary saying that president obama essentially fired ben bernanke in that interview. he did speak as ben bernanke done an outstanding job. but if you believe that yellen is the next in line, she is the closest to ben bernanke so it does seem that he wants continuity there. >> yeah. of course, it's unclear what the president wants. there's always a bit of high
5:37 pm
personally when i talk. the president said he stayed longer than he wanted to and was supposed to. what does that mean? i'm befuddled. that's why i started like that. >> larry, it's brian kelly. i similar thighs with you, my question to you is number one can any of these people on the list pass the senate confirmation hearing? that was the take away from the president speaking. why would he say anything if he doesn't think they can pass the hearings? >> he didn't give hints about who it would be. any democratic appointment, let's say we know this, any democratic appointment is going to be resisted by the republicans. it doesn't matter who it is. but they have to think of it this way. the republicans hate ben bernanke. they absolutely hate him. if they hate him, they're going to hate janet, too.
5:38 pm
but it's not easy to not confirm someone to be in place right after bernanke leaves and somebody with the qualification of janet yellin. some of those people might not be confirmable but i think she would be. >> larry, not that i'm one to defend the president but i did have the opportunity to have dinner with gulsby and wolf, guys that you know, and professor gulsby said at that dinner that chairman bernanke is exhausted, wants to return to teaching, he wants to leave. he was pushed back. people say this is the time of modernization and it's the play book that he has to end a potential depression, why would he leave at this moment. it's been exhausting job, tons of stress. so i think the president was just more or less giving him the out. i don't mean fire him. i want to talk about janet
5:39 pm
yellin for a second. i want to be on record with the viewers that janet yellin is going to be the next fed chairman. i think you're 1,000% right on that. so many different factors but i point out alayna kagan who was the dean of the harvard law school, it was important for obama to nominate her and it was unlikely she was going to get the nomination through the senate but i think professor yellin is going to be the new chairman, historical thing going there as well. who are your thoughts? >> i completely agree with you. >> larry, i want to clarify because your comments initially are going around at this point. do you believe that the president believes that ben bernanke has done a very good job in that if he wanted to stay, the president would have him stay? >> let me just respond at one point with brian. i completely agree that the chairman doesn't want to stay. he wasn't going to stay for the
5:40 pm
reasons that brian said. this is a demanding job. he deserves to go to quieter place right now. so -- what was the question again? >> do you believe that the president really does believe that ben bernanke is doing a good job? >> absolutely. the fed has done everything and more than the president could have hoped to to support this economy. absolutely. he's got to be thrilled with him and i would have hoped it gave him a better sending off message. >> i'm sure ben bernanke would so, too. larry, good to speak with you. >> my pleasure. >> larry meyer. so, let's play the game on the desk. bk, who will be the next chairman? >> i don't think anybody on that list. wall street in general has had an awful record of predicting what washington will do. i find it curious that president obama has this interview last
5:41 pm
evening. i think he's probably taking the temperature of the senate and he doesn't have the vots to get these people in. it's a serve and volley. >> taking the temperature of the senate, are you kidding me? >> he's never taken the temperature on anybody. >> why would he even say anything about the fed? >> because i think the chairman has gone to him and said it's game over for me. i want to return to teaching. he's trying to set that up. he's probably exhausting and people slip up when they're exhausting. i hope it's going to be janet yellin. i hope somebody will hold me to that. she'll be the first chairman. she's a female stud by the way, a brooklyn girl, a brown university yale grad and done everything they've asked her to do. i think there will be a lot of ruffling of feathers the way alayna kagan had when she became
5:42 pm
a supreme court justice. >> let's say yellin is the next fed chairman. what do you think will be the market reaction? >> volatility will be the key. i agree with anthony, no idea who the market is going to do. this guy has learned how to talk to the streets so volatility has been tempered. i'm not sure the next person will. one other thing. i couldn't disagree more. i don't think you should be allowed to ride off in the sun set scott free and go fish or something to use a phrase we used before. this is a man that put on the biggest prop trade in the history of the planet and he should have to see it through to the end in my opinion. >> isn't that the reason why yellin gets the nod to have the smoothest transition. >> that would be the argument. tomorrow here on cnbc live coverage. special coverage kicks off on the network at 2:00 p.m. shares ahead of ge hitting a four and a half year high in today's session ahead of the analyst meeting but does the
5:43 pm
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>> bubba watson cat pultd to golf starting by beating tiger woods at last year's master. he's throwing out the first pitch of the yankees game in new york city. we hear the game is not yet cancelled so hopefully you'll be able to throw out the first pitch. >> hopefully. >> you're promoting the travelers championship. that has to hold a special place in your heart since it was the location of your first career win. >> it was exciting. the rain is coming harder right now as you can tell. it was a blast. i love coming here. i love the atmosphere up here and i love obviously the yankees. >> bubba, what's the first stock that you bought in your life? >> what now? >> have you bought any stocks in
5:47 pm
your life? >> hello? >> bubba, can you hear us? >> i can barely hear you. it's raining pretty good right now. i'm like the weather man right now. >> i'm asking you a stock question. what's the first stock that you bought in your life and how old were you? >> i can't hear anything. sorry. >> we apologize to bubba. obviously the rain is reeking havoc with the connection here. >> close to the vest. note that you can watch bubba play in the travelers championship tour and if the weather holds up he will throw out the first pitch in the yankees versus dodgers game tonight. so there's a lot of places to go in golf when it comes to stock picks. you can go gear. >> you got to look at just of sort of like an option play at
5:48 pm
this level. the cal way stock has not performed at all. maybe it gets interesting. >> mike, how about something like a nike underarmor. >> it's interesting in the golf world underarmor has gotten a little traction. nike's valuation looks fully valued as far as i'm concerned here. the only place i would have been interested in playing especially in light of the rain that's falling is the guys that sell dry joys. that might be the only place to play it. the golf companies haven't delivered. i don't see much reason to pursue them. >> good luck to bubba in that rain. coming up next cramer is checking the charts on a few beaten down stocks. one company could store on a potential breakup and the ceo of
5:49 pm
air gas. all that and much more at the top of the hour on mad money. guy adami we are taking a check on your call on cliff natural right off the break. stay tuned. man: how did i get here? dumb luck? or good decisions? ones i've made. ones we've all made. about marriage. children. money. about tomorrow. here's to good decisions. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. ready to plan for your family's future? we'll help you get there. to accept less and less in the name of style and sophistication. but to us, less isn't more. more is more.
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>> let's fast forward and hit our top three trades sure to drive the markets tomorrow. first up gold sliding over 1.1%. 1.2%. the stocks jumped. bk? >> we talked about the dollar going higher and the fed. this is where the rubber meets the road in gold. gold is going to be challenged here because not only do you have the fed at some point abating their purchases but the emerging markets in trouble here. i would do short gold. >> from commodities to earnings. shares are down 7% in the past three months alone, red hat. >> i don't think investors are going to look at this name. they had a disappointment a few
5:53 pm
months ago. investors want to see them back to acceleration. the thing looks interesting. it's gotten beaten up. it's massively underperformed. >> last on our radar general electric hosting an analyst meeting tomorrow at the paris air show, the stock hitting a four and a half year high in today's session but is it still a solid play? >> yes. ge got penalized because of ge capital but as it becomes less and less a force at general electric they become what they should have been all along, more like honeywell. i think it has room on the upside. >> anthony, do you like it? >> i do. this is one of those classic long term holds. good share purchase story and likely increase the dividend by year end. >> next trade here not so fast, guy adami, our traders are quick but not always right. last month guy fielded a twitter
5:54 pm
question on cliff natural. here's what he said. >> i think the business is troubled but the stock might be okay for the short term. >> pop today but shares of cliff natural continues to slide. that stock is down 11% since that call, guy. >> not so fast. what day was that? it was may 7. stock closed at 2133. what's your point, guy? four or five days later that stock was up 11 and a half%. it did bounce now. it's traded off since. since we are a fast money trading show that actually was a call. 18 and a half, you load up again because this stock is extraordinarily volatile, big day today, pushes up to 20 and a half. if i'm wrong this time you can fast fire me just like you fast fired my friend anthony scare
5:55 pm
mu muchy. >> doesn't the impression stand for certainty? >> i didn't go to harvard. >> let's get to your tweets. this one is for dan. crus, time to play the iphone refresh cycle. >> we know a new iphone is coming out in the fall. we don't know if a low end iphone is going to come out before then. they get 75% of their sales from apple. the thing is down and out. i don't know if you have acatch it falling. they have lowered their guidance last month. the stock is trading near 52 week lows. >> this is for anthony. obviously you should talk gold since it took out the may 15 uptrend. >> i've never been a fan of gold so i was wrong on the upside when i was saying not to do anything with gold. i do this this is a broken asset
5:56 pm
class. i think brian is going to be right. it's been hurt technically. i would be cautious. >> sales force, does it have the most growth potential like jim cramer says it does? >> it depends on how we define it. they have a lot of growth potential. the problem is add up the money they have made over the last several years and it adds up to zero. that makes the stock look extensive. on top of that it has been trading poorly since the beginning of the year when the market is rallying. valuation-wise i'm not sure i would get on that. >> first moves tomorrow when we come right back. stay tuned.
5:57 pm
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6:00 pm
>> southern so. >> winner of the street fight guy adami. >> apache. ata. come on. >> i'm melissa lee. thanks so much for watching. don't go anywhere. mad money with jim cramer starts right now. my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer! welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. i'm trying to make you a little money. my job not just to entertain you, but inform you. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. you've got to approach this fed decision that's being released tomorrow as you would a blast. especially since the market had a strong


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